The committee of Baw Baw Arts Alliance (Bbaa) have always wanted a sculpture outside the Station Gallery, Yarragon. In 2019 the mosaic group took up the challenge. Led by Jessie Mclennan (Artist, Sculptor) project managed by Janet Wyllie, technical advice by Helen Bodycomb and Funded by Regional Arts Victoria.
The mosaic group had long wanted to make a group mosaic as a tribute to Maery Gabriel (1932-2011).  Most of us owe our initiation into mosaics to Maery.  We thought we would do a little water fountain or perhaps a chaise lounge.
But the sculptor (Jessie) wanted to do a dog, so that’s what we have. A tribute to all the dog’s in Baw Baw Shire.

The inspiration. “Puppy” 1995 Jeff Koons

The maquette. Jessie McLennan and Alene Bonser 2019

The model “Jett” 2008