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Jane Bari

A lifelong enchantment with colour, form and texture. I divide my time across general jewellery and bead embroidery jewellery and indie hand dyeing both Merino tops and pure wool bundles. I work on hand dyed Merino tops to create felted canvases that are further embellished with bead embroidery, bead weaving, free form embroidery and textile paint. The felt paintings are made using traditional manual (laborious) felting techniques on my high set felting table. I also dry needle felt and create additional textures using an electric embellisher machine. One can never have too much texture. How long is a piece of string?

Opening the workroom door every morning is like coming home to my heart and soul; my essence. I spend part of every single day in my workroom throughout the year as my work is my passion so it has become very difficult to disassociate myself from what constitutes my core identity. I am powerless to stop the creative conduit manifesting through my hands. Colour, form and texture are
my captors. I only create unique works of art. I have a strong focus of marine themes in my art, along with flora, as both the earth and water speak to me because I am part of them.

I am obsessed with aerial perspective in many of my paintings because a top down view reveals everything, every joy, every scar. A lot of my felted paintings contain hidden environmental and existential messages. Whatever medium I am working in, the hallmarks of colour, form and texture
are always present. I always dream my concepts with vivid colour. I wake up from fractious sleep and start designing. The process cannot be stopped.
I have also just finished and published a book, “Budget Cook Grow” in response to the alarming economic situation that has fallen on many Australians.

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