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Tanka of place often show a lean, vivid sense of settings in the natural world, with clear language creating crisp imagery, appealing to the senses, impacting upon readers’ feelings and imaginations.

True to other traditions central to Japanese literature, tanka of place may also be founded upon awareness of seasonality, with hints of weather conditions and times of year allowed to resonate.

In keeping with another key characteristic of short-form poetry from Japan, poets offering tanka here are welcome to display empathy for other creatures, as fellow occupants of an environment.

Although Catchment itself makes no secret about arising from a rural source, contributors should feel encouraged to explore the possibility of writing tanka with an urban edge, as a counterpoint.

Much of the work chosen will cast a personal light on locations and contexts familiar to Australian readers, yet poets may also pursue reflections stemming from travel overseas.

Needless to say, parallels between the natural world and human nature will be central to tanka here.

In work which beats with an emotional pulse, likewise true to Japanese tradition, tanka poets might make shows of emotion to touch readers’ hearts; maybe also prompting smiles at droll sides to life.

Any tanka that is elegant, moodful, emotive, thought-provoking, reverberating with a sense of place, will be welcome in Catchment.

(See Hints for new tanka poets &/ or Submission guidelines)

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